"The scene is suddenly teeming with good jazz singers, and Toronto native Terry Cade's timing places her right in the thick of the pack. She can corner harmonies on a dime, and doesn't hesitate to upshift into a new tempo when the inspiration hits." (Critics’ Pick)


"Toronto jazz vocalist Terry Cade brings her quartet into The Cutting Room this weekend and you can expect to be surprised by Cade’s iconoclastic approach to music. She moves easily through her repertoire, shifting from hard bop to cool swing, and never misses a beat. She is backed by a burning rhythm section that has no trouble keeping up with her." (Critics’ Pick)

                                                       -THE VILLAGE VOICE

"When you hear Terry Cade sing, it's like appetizer, main course and dessert all at once- and the result is not in the least indigestible. Far from it, for Cade is a true jazz vocalist who believes in using this musical form's main ingredient-improvisation- in large quantities, and straight away..." Read More


"A true measure of a jazz singer is the way he or she ( mostly she) meets the challenge of applying the tricks and techniques of their trade to classic standards. How they reformat well known material in a way so as to make it uniquely their own for that short period of when they embrace these tunes with their vocal cords, is a challenge. Betty Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Blossom Dearie and Carmen McRae, among others, we're always ready, willing and able to take the risk of bravely applying their artistry to standards, twisting, turning, shaping and coddling them to their own personality.

Canadian native, Terry Cade, has earned a spot in that category..." 
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"Terry Cade is a sophisticated vocalist who possesses a voice, one of the freshest , full of finesse and skill. She navigates rhythms, each one different, with a rich energy, skill, and innovation. A true jazz artist!" 

- LES DISQUES (France)