Vocal Jazz Workshops with Terry Cade

Delve into the fundamentals of vocal technique, breathing, resonance, warm ups, and ear training - learn how to make your voice the best instrument it can be

Small group sizes ensure individual coaching and plenty of opportunities to sing

Look at song interpretation, phrasing, and lyric reading - how to deliver your message and make a song your own

Discuss the art of song choice - how to choose a song that's right for you

Explore the fundamentals of vocal improvisation - learn how to create a scat solo

Develop your musicianship skills - how to read a chart, how to choose the correct key for a song, how to transpose

Dig deep into the jazz canon - listen to and learn form a wide spectrum of jazz vocalists - Billie, Ella, Sarah, Frank and beyond!

Vocal Jazz Workshop (Level I)

Wednesdays from May 19 - June 23

7 - 9 pm

Whether you're new to singing or have previous experience, this workshop will help you develop new skills, introduce you to the joys of improvisation and show you ways to expand your voice and make your instrument the best it can be!

In this workshop, we will work on the rudiments of vocal technique and the fundamentals of good singing - breathing, placement and ear training.

Drawing from standard jazz repertoire, we will look at song interpretation, lyric reading, phrasing and the ways in which you can approach a song and make it your own.


In a supportive and encouraging environment, we will explore, experiment and demystify the art of jazz singing and vocal improvisation.

You'll learn how to scat AND have a lot of fun doing it!

Vocal Jazz Workshop (Level II)

Thursdays from May 20 - June 24

7 - 9 pm

This workshop will expand on the concepts explored in Level I, including vocal technique, ear training, improvisation, song interpretation and percussive singing. We'll also look at developing the musicianship skills you need to lead a band - setting the count, conducting, transposition, how to read down a chart.

In addition to examining the fundamental and essential parts of jazz development, building your "chops", we take a more rigorous, yet fun approach to vocal scat - how to hear inside the chord changes, how to create and shape an extended solo. 

This workshop is ideal for those who have completed Level I, singers who already have some experience singing jazz or for experienced vocalists looking to explore the jazz genre.

Enrollment is Limited! 

Vocal Jazz Workshop (Level I)  $180.00 (incl HST)

Early Registration Pricing (before May10th)  $150.00 (incl HST)

Vocal Jazz Workshop (Level II)  $180.00 (incl HST)

Early Registration Pricing (before May 10th)  $150.00 (incl HST)

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