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The Toronto Star says: 


When you hear Terry Cade sing, it's like appetizer, main course and dessert all at once - and the result is not in the least indigestible. Far from it, for Cade is a true jazz vocalist who believes in using this musical form's main ingredient - improvisation - in large quantities, and straight away. 


In front of a warmly appreciative crowd, Cade and her trio glided briskly and effortlessly through a repertoire of standards, almost all of which called for a major demonstration of her considerable technique. Often bringing to mind inventive jazz divas, Cassandra Wilson and Betty Carter, her cool alto sound lagged nicely behind the jaunty beat laid down by Dave Restivo, the pianist who always has something to say, bassist Artie Roth and drummer Daniel Barnes. 


But it does much more than that. Cade knows how to float around a melody, breaking up the melody with experiments in time, accent and tone so that almost before the audience had caught on to the familiar, clearly articulated strains of tunes like "Lullaby of Birdland", "I've Got The World On A String", and "I'm All Smiles" it had been treated to an exhibition of note-bending, unusual emphases and a might array of vocal innovation that underscores the essence of jazz, her timing faultless and each line of the managing to sound different enough to imbue it with freshness and interest. 


A little scat and an occasional wail didn't come amiss either, and the opening set was balanced with attractive but more mainstream takes on songs such as "A Beautiful Friendship" and "I Just Found Out About Love", as well as a sultry, precise reading of "Too Late Now". Perhaps the highlight was an extraordinary opening to "Sometimes I'm Happy", willfully wacky and delightful, proof indeed that Cade's club appearances should be hunted down and rigorously enjoyed. 

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