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"Thank you for helping me accomplish what I thought was impossible." D.W.

In these workshops we will:


  • Delve into the basic rudiments of vocal technique and learn how to make your voice the best instrument it can be

  • Small group classes ensure individual coaching and plenty of opportunities to sing

  • We'll look at song interpretation, phrasing and lyric reading and explore ways you can deliver your message and make a song your own

  • Discuss the art of song choice - how to choose a song that's right for you

  • Explore the fundamentals of vocal improvisation and learn how to create a scat solo

  • Develop your musicianship - learn how to read a chart, choose the correct key for a song, how to transpose

  • Dig deep into the jazz canon - listen to and learn from a wide spectrum of jazz vocalists and vocal styles - Billie, Betty, Ella, Sarah and beyond

  • Work with a live rhythm section - you'll learn how to lead a band!

Whether you're new to singing or have previous experience, these workshops will help you develop new skills, introduce you to the joys of improvisation and show you ways to expand  and optimize your voice.

Discover Your Jazz Voice!  Vocal Jazz I
Tuesdays from 7pm - 9pm
April 23rd - June
 11th (8 sessions)


 “Discover Your Jazz Voice” is designed to teach you the unique characteristics of jazz singing and how you can apply these characteristics to create your own sound. You will learn jazz phrasing, how to integrate good technique into jazz song styles, and how to sing with a number of time feels and grooves. In this workshop, we will introduce the basic rudiments of vocal technique and the fundamentals of good singing - diaphragmatic breathing, vocal line and ear training. 


We will focus jazz vocal technique and delivery, (including vocal inflections, dynamics, articulation, interpretation and how to improvise through rhythmic and melodic phrasing)  and apply these concepts to jazz tunes in various tempos and grooves, including ballads, medium swing, fast swing and bossa nova. Drawing from standard jazz repertoire, we will look at song interpretation, lyric reading, phrasing  and the ways in which you can approach a song and make it your own. In a supportive and encouraging small group environment, we will explore, experiment and demystify the art of jazz singing and vocal improvisation. You'll learn how to scat AND have a whole lot of fun doing it!

We will also spend a number of sessions working with a rhythm section. You will learn how to choose a tempo, lead the band and communicate with the musicians.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Sing jazz standards in various tempos and grooves, including ballads, medium swing, fast swing, and bossa nova

  • Identify your vocal range most comfortable for singing jazz

  • Alter the melodic and rhythmic phrasing in a song

  • Better hear “inside” chord changes within a song

  • Learn the fundamentals of vocal improvisation - you’ll learn to scat and have fun doing it!


This workshop is ideal for anyone  who likes to sing or anyone who wants to learn more about jazz.  Perfect for instrumentalists too!

 8 sessions  

 Take It to the Next Level !  Vocal Jazz II
Thursdays from 7 - 9pm
April 25th - June 13th  (8 sessions) 


In "Take It to the Next Level"we will expand on the concepts  explored in Level I, including vocal technique, ear training, improvisation, song interpretation and percussive singing. We'll look at the musicianship skills you need to lead a rhythm section - how to find  the right key for a song, setting the count, conducting, transposition, how to read down a chart and understand "form".  We'll also work on building  your  "chops" and take a more rigorous, yet fun, approach to vocal scat and improvisation - how to hear "inside " the chord changes, how to create and shape an extended solo and improvise with lyrics.

We will also spend a number of sessions working with a rhythm section. You will learn how lead the band and communicate with the musicians about your approach to a song.

"Discover Your Jazz Voice" - Level I is recommended as pre-requisite, but this is also a great workshop for those with some knowledge of jazz or experienced vocalists looking to explore the jazz genre.  Excellent for instrumentalists too!

Small Group Classes - Enrolment is Limited!

Runnymede United Church (Windermere Campus)

356 Windermere Avenue 

Toronto, ON M5A 0M1

Payment Information
Discover Your Jazz Voice! - VJW I (8 sessions)               $375 (incl HST)

Take It to the Next Level! - VJW II  (8 sessions)             $375 (incl HST)

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